What people have said.
"e7 is lovingly understated and beautiful, from the rush of wind and light piano track that convey a simultaneous sense of isolation and hope, to the silhouetted foreground scenery overlaying a distant and imaginative landscape. The gameplay is simple, to be sure, but the central mechanic is fun to learn, tricky to master, and wholly satisfying once you've reigned it in."
- AdamC, JayIsGames

"Many games truly attempt to branch out and try something new with their games. Today's game, e7, is just such an example."
- Geoff Gibson, DIYgamer

"This 2D platform game features roughly twenty levels to play and some clever implementation of puzzles and challenges."
- timw, Indie Games
What people have said.
"Pwong 2 is like the hyperactive biker outcast stepchild of its Pong parents."
- Josh, Jay Is Games

"It's not *just* Pong. It's a gorgeous and trippy take on the game with a lot of balls."
-Retro Remakes

"No, I did not just misspell Pong."
- Steve Spohn, Able Gamers
What people have said.
"What makes Deep so interesting is its reliance upon a combination of shooting skills, strategic planning, and plain old luck to win."
-JohnB, Jay Is Games