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Up again! e7 released!

Wow, it’s been a long time since I last used my blog. Almost a year. I will really try to keep you guys updated more often from now on. I will also make a bit of a redesign of my site, the blue on top with my logo looks just terrible.

That said, I released my new game e7! You can play it here: playe7.com or go check it out on Newgrounds.

It got the daily feature there, and an amazing score of 4.22!

It has also gotten quite a bit of attention by the indie games community:

e7 on Jay is Games

e7 on Indiegames

e7 on RockPaperShotgun

“e7 is lovingly understated and beautiful, from the rush of wind and light piano track that convey a simultaneous sense of isolation and hope, to the silhouetted foreground scenery overlaying a distant and imaginative landscape. The gameplay is simple, to be sure, but the central mechanic is fun to learn, tricky to master, and wholly satisfying once you’ve reigned it in. ”

- AdamC, jayisgames.com