• People

    My favorite one is Hope! :)

  • http://www.jgames.ch/blog/?p=153 Eric

    Just beautiful … The last one is the most beautiful song if you encounter a note on the piano so please send them to me by e-mail: erik.moravec@centrum.sk

  • Eric

    Splendor … The last song is just beautiful I do not understand how you come across on the piano send them to me by email please:erik.moravec@centrum.sk

  • admin

    Nope, don’t have sheet music. Sorry!

  • Ceci

    This music is amazing :D
    Do you have the sheet music for it?

  • admin

    Thanks Peter! I play piano and the music is recorded from an acoustic piano.

  • http://notyet Peter S

    The music is beautiful! Have you had music lessons, play an instrument etc.?

  • will

    wish the soundtrack was extended a bit :/

  • Rocco

    this game its great! when will be a e7 2 or a e8?
    i’m in love with the music from the oranges levels… thank you very much!! :D

  • Dave

    I’ve been searching for this on the whole web, awesome music!